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Great App

This VPN is so extraordinary. It's working well for almost 1yr. Thanks!


AWASOME VPN, has worked great since day one… thank’s to the developers!!!!!

Helps A lot!

Really helps keeping connected to the rest of the world.

Great application

great application works all the time; however, i often find that it auto connects and I have to spotlite seach for it.

LOVE/HATE relationship

This app was fantastic for months. I did not care about the slower downloads, that’s to be expected. Also no problem downloading torrents. Lately, I have been finding sites apparently from France and you do not realize it until after the conversion. I may just need to use another torrent converter. Suggestions?

Very Good

really good so far, super fast connection and works fine


This app has been biling me a monthly subscription charge, me unknowing, for over a year now. The charge claimed to just be from itunes so I assumed it was the charge of my apple music renewal. This subscription is automatically connected when you download the app. DO NOT RECCOMEND!



Business Traveler

Works well in general, there are some apps it does not play nice with - Delta is one. As I have not used multiple VPN applications I believe this one is servicable.


Good very good

Seems to do exactly what it promises

I’m not a ‘techie’ so I do not understand the function this performs. I am more interested in privacy and security. Yes, it does interfere with some specific connections – which tells me the app is working. It installed easily and it operates in the background without effort or any required knowledge on my part. As far as I can tell, it’s doing what the promoters say it will do. Since this app keeps pestering me for another review, here goes (you should not ask if you don’t expect good results!!!) 1. This is a minimally functional app. Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it does not, which forces a search in my Apps to locate it and activate it. 2. Then every time it boots up it asks for another recommendation. You know the rule: “Once a King, always a King. Once a night is enough!” 3. This app blocks some of my important links and contacts, so I have to disable it to do my work. Then try to find it again… to enable it… 4. The app seems somewhat volatile and unreliable. Hard to know if it is really doing anything. It does not seem to provide a way to check… 5. After the first year, the app auto-renewed. It took about six weeks for the app to ‘refresh’ and recognize that it had receive a paid renewal. Tip: Turn off auto-renewal to avoid being charged! Keep the option in your own hands! In summary, if the app were totally free all the time, it would almost be worth it.

so helpful

it’s perfect for watching videos on youtube

What a great app!

What a great app!

Best and Fastest Free VPN

I’ve been using this alot in my work, it has been helping me out a tone. I don’t understand how people can hate on this VPN. I don’t know if it sometimes doesn’t work on other devices but im using my MacBook Pro (With Touch Bar) and it has yet to fail me. I’ve been getting alot of productivity with this VPN and I recommend it. It is one of the fastest VPN’s there are.



Star VPN

This is a great app it works amazing and it is very easy to use i highly recommend it. I think one of the best parts is is that it’s free.

Awesome app, best for its price!

Of all the VPNs that I've used, Star VPN is the best one for its money. It's virtually unbeatable at the rate of $26 per year, and although it sometimes won't connect to certain places (I have a hard time connecting to Netherlands and Switzerland), for the most part this is about 90% effective. I would highly recommend this software/app for anyone looking for a great VPN on a tight budget.




its lovely

It worked perfectly

I used it for just the free trial because I just needed for a few days. If a needed a paid VPN service I would use this one, for sure. It wasnt easy to cancel the free subscription, you have to do it through your Apple account and at least a day before it ends. Support center from the app helped me.

Good to use when needed

Steady service, somethings doesn’t work and need to try different locations. But good enough for me. I wrote this review doesn’t because I wanted to but the app keeps asking me to have a review everytime I got connected. So annoying ...

Works most of the time

My app tends to disconnect on my MAC often in Saudi Arabia. Also, the latest version disconnects on iPhone and Tablets…whereas the earlier version did not.

VPN not useful in China

Tried to cancel trial subscription because this does not work in China. No where can I find to cancel subscription.


BEST VPN for Mac

star vpn

good app

Easy to use

I use this on both my mac and my iphone and it works great. I bought the paid version and it was completely worth the money

Great app!

I’ve used this app for about a year now, and it has been working better for me than any other free VPN apps. You'll usually only need one try to get onto the VPN and will not recommend you any ads. It also appears on the bar above your screen, which makes it easy to use. In general, this is a great app, and I would recommend it to anyone to use. Though please take note that I have been using the subscription, and it might have been the same experience for the free version.

No Internet connection problem started

cannot get in as the application says “ no internet connection”, but certainly there is network connection, and I can use other vpn apps too Do not know why, plz help us find out the problem, thanks!


Why there’re alot of server in ios. but in mac and android is no update.

Does the Job

Does exactly what I purchased it for 100% of the time. Highly recommend this app.

Overaly Descent

It’s not at all a bad app.

Would like to be able to use on Netflix on IOS

I’ve used other VPN’s that eventually fail to cover you. Star VPN has worked perfectly until now. Buggy lately. Please ad Netflix to IOS version.

Rock solid

It works, it works well. I’m using the free version, don’t mind the infrequent popup when you start it up. If I used it more I’d pay for it, it’s worth it.


It’s a good product and works well. I haven’t used other VPNs so I really don’t have anything to compare it with.

Please Fix Bugs

I downloaded 10 VPN apps from app store, after trying each one, I subscribed Star VPN. Pros: Services covered many countries, bandwidth and latency is good, connections are stable; support iOS without extra charge; Interface is friendly. Cons: Keeps popping up VPN connection dialog with User name filled and asks for password?? ( macOS 10.13.3, rMBP 2016 ) I had to reinstall the app to solve this problem every 2 days. Please fix this!

Premium Member no support

Suddenly the app stopped working on my Mac. Wrote two emails to support and got no help. I am sorry I have to write this negative review. Maybe I will get their attention.

Star VPN

This VPN has worked very well for me, it’s very relaible. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fast stable VPN.

Thank you!!

This is really helpful and I use this all the time. I recommend it.

No wonder it has nearly as many one stars as five stars

It is a good app overall, but the stability is a huge problem. The speed of this VPN is fairly ok when you connect to US, Japan, and some other countries, but not all of them work well. Sometimes I want my money back when it either cannot be connected or just simply crashes.

Star VPN is my go to VPN application

I use Star VPN on my iOS and MacOS devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac) . It seems that I am often connecting my iPhone or MacBook Pro to a public Wi-Fi network. A virtual private network is a must for using unsecured public Wi-Fi - in airports, coffee shops, any public place. I also use it all the time while at home, not because I’m doing anything improper, but just because I don’t like current rules that allow my ISP to track my activities. I tried Star VPN because it was free, and because the description claims not to do any tracking or keep any records of my internet traffic. I didn’t notice a significant slowdown on the free service, but I did upgrade to Premium. No complaints at all. Version 2.0 fixes an annoying problem where Star VPN did not start up automatically when logging in to the computer. I would often forget to turn it on manually. That is fixed with version 2.0 and MacOS 10.13.2 (High Sierra). Occasionally, I see a glitch where Star VPN does not start automatically when I do not log out, but the computer goes to sleep and re-awakens. Some sites I use for movie streaming (e.g., Netflix, Amazon Prime) will not permit movie downloads “via a proxy server”. I have to turn off Star VPN to download a movie while in a hotel. I don’t like it, but I blame the streaming company, rather than Star VPN.

Star VPN has been consistently good for over a year!

There may be no free lunch, but Star VPN has been free for over a year for me and worth the price of their Premium. I used a couple different VPNs before using Star VPN and I had some trouble with them. If Star ever takes away their free version, I will likely purchase their Premium. I want to thank those people (whoever you are) behind Star VPN because being overseas in a country that has a poor history with internet corruption, they have provided me safe and fast service for over a year. Thank you so much!!! I owe you! JPAS-DP

Fix Crash fixes or add them ?

I had no porblem with my VPN before the update. If it aint broke dont fix it. But, then my computer need to fix some Intel bug so I updated and now my VPN is worse than ever. It keeps asking me for the password. My account is good until March 2018. Can you please fix ? Ok, since I wrote my previous review, I tried to uninstall to fix the issue, now I can’t restore my purchase. I just get the “restoring” loop for hours.

not too bad but need help!

It works fine but I bought a one year subscrition and couldn’t connect to the Premium locations. please help solve the problem!

Don’t pay for this app

The app is okay for a free VPN. The last update was supposed to improve stability. Like hell it did. It kept crashing every minute-literally. Don’t buy this app, you’ll waste your money. Do yourself a favor and keep it free.


It works perfectly ! Thank you.

good valuable

I used the app from Oct, I just want to say it’s a high speed app for me .It’s very valuable for the price.

Working !!!

I have tried few VPN softwares and this app seems working properly, Thanks!!!

*Updated** Doesn’t auto start EVEN when you tell it to

**Updated**. Now, it doesn’t work AT ALL. Save your money, buy something else. **Updated 2018 Jan** Still have this crappy VPN on several machines and now it wants to force me to RE-PAY for it. NO not even a few months have gone by when I paid for an entire year. Loser thiefs on top of a crappy app** Does not auto-start even when you tell it to in settings. Pretty infuriating to have to initiate this every.single.time. I open the lid. Also, the Netherlands server disappeared a few weeks ago and apparently is never coming back. Your true p2p list of servers is now down to two. Will be purchasing other VPN.

UPDATE: No Longer Working. A bit pricey

I am still in the trial-period, but, from what I see, I like the application. I am thinking of subscribing, but it is necessary to further explore the application. It is quite slow at times. I use the Japanese VPN because I have much business to conduct in that region, and it is better to see information pertinent to that region. As the title suggests, the app is a bit pricey, which disinclines me to purchase. However, if there were a life-time subscription available (a one-time payment), then I would be greatly incentivised to purchase the application. Please consider making a life-time subscription available, and you will most assuredly have my business. ———————————————————————————— UPDATE: I am longer able to connect to the Japanese VPN. As it was the only reason for using the application, I am now cancelling the trial-period. I would like to thank the developers for giving a trial-period. It was generous of them to do. If/When they fix this issue, I will consider re-trying or purchasing the application again.


iTS so Cool 😍😍😍😍😍😍☺️💕🐣

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