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Great VPN software.

Good macOS integration. I had little to no problems with my usage.

great app to use

easy to set vpn. in China also can use . but, sometimes little bit hard to connect . most of time very easy to connect. speed also good.

star vpn

this app doesnt work fix it

It’s a great app!

It’s useful and powerful for me to visit the website that is not available in China.

SOoooooo good!!

I have tried a lot of vpns ,this is one of the best .


Fast and stable

Great app!

It’s fast and stable compared to other free VPNs I can find. When I was in China (where FaceBook, YouTube are illegal) this app still works pretty well. Highly recommend this.

so amazing

the best VPN app

Great app with room for improvements

I use this app 24/7 on my mobile devices (iphone and MacBook). There is still the issue of refreshing my subscription every time the app is updated, but that is small potatoes compared to having to deal with a breach in my devices or profiles from somebody snooping on my connections. The simplicity of the app and its affordability make it a winner in my book. I stopped using the Free version after experiencing it after the trial and I preferred the speed of the Premium version. It does not work with Netflix and a couple other apps I use, Delta app being one of them, but again not a huge deal and certainly not a dealbreaker. I have read a number of the low star reviews complaining about slow speeds, janky interfaces, not being able to use on torrent sites, etc. and the common denominator is that they are using the Free version expecting top quality for nothing. My advice; just spend the $9.95/month. It’s worth it. Complaining that something does not function to your standards while using a free version is the best example of entitlement. This VPN app is not perfect, but it has already surpassed my expectations and continues to improve.


Don’t Listen To all those people saying bad things about this it’s a lie its actually pretty good.

Great for unblocking sites, but does not work for torrents.

I used the free version for about three months before deciding on subscribing, thinking I could use it for torrents. The paid version gives you access to a few different countries and unlimited data so I decided to give it a whirl. Unfortunately, this VPN does NOT work with torrents. The torrents will simply not start and/or popular torrent sites will simply flag it as untrustworthy. However, this VPN is one of the few VPNs not blocked by my workplace so I love it for that. I use it to unblock all social media accounts and gaming sites to access at work, but the free version does that just fine. I do not think I will renew unless they somehow manage to make it work for torrents. In short, keep the free version to unblock sites (or secure your connection in public WiFis), but if you’re looking for a torrent anonymizer look elsewhere.

not working in China on wifi for some reason

How do I cancel this account after using it for 10 minutes since the installation to avoid monthly charge?

Awesome VPN

have premium version and works grea,, no flaws. very satisfied

it’s ok

I just trying it...

Kinda Slow

But since ExpressVPN is blocked in my country this is the fastest way to download it...

Good to use when needed. Not working on my phone

I paid for annual service. Everything is good, even under CN’s policy. HOWEVER, when I was trying to restore my purchase on my phone. The accounts seems not linked….I have to find a new VPN on my phone. Other than that, speed can be faster and more stable. Since I don’t connect it all the time. Good enough for me.



Stop telling me to subscribe

This app constantly ask me to subscribe when I already have. I am about to delete it

Works great, but...

The VPN works flawlessly on my iMac and Macbook pro, but after 5 licenses have been used you have to create a new account and pay again. I think it should be able to be used with your itunes login on as many devices as you own.

Great App

This VPN is the best so far I have used. It’s stable and quite fast. I could work normally under ...

Low quality product, very poor app!

I've been trying to use this software for several weeks now. It seems to be rather temperamental, sometimes not giving me the benefit of my paid subscription of unlimited bandwidth. I don't understand how a company can write software that does not respect a customers' subscription. This VPN often disconnects and there is no alert to let me know that has occurred, so i don't feel adequately protected. I have to be monitoring it all the time to be sure it's connected. I verified that I'm logged in during these period of erroneous bandwidth throttling too, so there was no reason for this to happen. It has happened frequently, hence this review. Such a mess, save yourself the headache ans steer clear of buying this terrible product and service. Over i find the quality of this product very low. Clearly, the company has cut costs on quality assurance. I made the mistake to download and install this app from the app store. You better off downloading it.

simple to use

It’s a good, stable and free VPN app

It's so horrible i'm warning you don't download.

Why is your app is so unstable and unreliable. I have a paid subscription, i'm so disappointed.I clicked "start free 7 day trial now",but it requires me to purchase a subscription through a discount price, and I had fairy low expectations coming in. This app was working fine in the ten minutes. My internet speeds were much slower, but that didn't affect me in any big way. It just stopped my internet connection completely, and I couldn't go to any website at all. It continued to load, and doesn't get anywhere. Very unfortunate that there are designed serves for torrents, which are blocked on the rest-just one server for the US. And that server happens to have its IP blocked practically everywhere, of course. Unfortunately, later I have a very serious problem. Although the app installation was a breeze. , it does not seem to play nice with switching fature, as it doesn't seem to detect the VPN. It also does not come with a killswitch feature like most other VPN software. Major problem is that it seems to drop out completely at random despite saying it is still connected. Happened to me multiple times today with no reason behind it. My other VPN has been running ever since without issue. It was a mess, in short do not download this app!

great app

gret app

How do I unsubscribe?

SOS, I cannot fid the cancel subscription button, and I hae been messing with it forever. How do I cancel? — super frustrated

Everyone should have a VPN especially if your on public wifi

Well, for a free product and fair pricing for the service available is excellent. In addition, I highly suggest anyone who is always using it on the on the road from cafe, conference, or any public wifi should have VPN. It will add another layer of security. The worse one are the WIFI that does not have the lock icon next to the wifi access point name. It will be an easy target for hacker, etc. for attack in the middle. They can extract all your userid and password, etc. Stay safe online! Cheers! 1. It is easy to install 2. Note: If your VPN does not work at your school, cafe, work, etc. They most likely have vendors such as CIsco System Firewall (Awesome company by the way) that does not allow ANY other vendor type of VPN (StarVPN, Cyberghost,etc.) to gain access to the wifi network. Which forces the user to only use their wifi without using ANY type of VPN software unless your using Cisco VPN for example. Some places are just locked down to keep everyone safe. Stay Safe online Cheers!

Two Thumbs up!

No issues. Fantastic VPN service!

Free, easy to use, but slow

Free, easy to use, but slow

Used to be working, but now it’s not

It used to be working really great, but starting from earlier today it stops working. Tried to update it, doesn’t work.


Easy to install, set-up and use, but I am blocked from even watching Yahoo! news clips. If Yahoo! can detect and block me from watching news clips, why should I feel safe from the hackers? And, I am using the PAID Star service.



Rip off….

It worked just fine before, the connection broke off once in a while,I wanted a better connection so I tried premium, as soon as I paid the $9.99, it stopped working altogether. Real nice….

the worst VPN is the STAR VPN

It’s a horrible service I cannot use it and there is no way to unsubscribe in an easy way to stop paying the 10$ every month.. I hate using it and they are not stopping taking money from me. really don’ know what to do. I send them several time with no answer.

So Far So good!

It’s fast and easy to use so far. Thank you for this great VPN app!


I have perfect experience with this app. Always connect fast




I’ve been suffering along with another VPN blaming China for the slow connections and it was that awful VPN the whole time! Star VPN comes RIGHT on and STAYS on…what a breath of fresh air! Thanks!

Sometimes websites don’t work

For most practical purposes this is good. But, a lot of times, websites cannot be accessed, especially gmail, as it detects the query as automated. It therefore denies access to a lot of sites. The servers think its a virus or something. Also, if we haven’t accessed a site before, i.e. we search for something in google, then, too, it denies access because its something that has not been accessed before. Otherwise, its all good. Very simple to use. Easily connects in a few seconds.

awsome app

I have to say it the most useful app I ever downloaded, easy to turn on and off

Good enough

The app works well enough for my needs while overseas. It could use some improvements but its one of the better VPN’s out here. I hope the team continues to improve the VPN app.


It’s by far the best VPN app i have experianced with. Great job guys.

Terrible, Glitches!

I like how it connects quickly, but I lose connection within minutes every time I use it, I've deleted and re downloaded several times and tried all the different settings. And still can not go online but for a few minutes before the connection calls it quits. Out of all the other VPNs this is the only one I have this trouble with, all I have to do is wait a little bit before connecting to the server but I'm good after that. This is not a good VPN, I would not recommend downloading. I'm not happy with this app and will be getting a different one.

not free

Don’t advertise something as “free” when it’s a 7-day trial for something that costs $120 a year.

Still shows actual location wihen browsing

Not sure how this is supposed to work but after a few weeks of use, this app doesn’t mask my location as before. It shows my exact location even though it still allows unimpeded path to sites.

Needs a lot of work.

I used to really like this vpn. Now I despise it, every time I attempt to connect it will take a long time to actually connect. However once I connect I am disconnected very shortly afterwards. This disconnected problem will take effect as soon as a minute after connecting. If these problems could be fixed I would reconsider this 1 star rating. And I deleted it for space but re downloaded it. The app works and all but it won't let me install the profile. I get to the screen to install the profile but I can't click on anything.

Horrible app, Doesn't work.

I really need it in my class, and it wont open anymore. I just download it, because I hope that it can work when I am in school, but the result is not the same as in the imagination. It doesn't work form the beginning I use it, and my class has become a mess. I need a explain, Why is there such a problem? Now I uninstall cause thats annoying, which having an app that doesn't open and it takes up computer space. What's more, I need use my time to find an other VPN app which can solve my problem. It wastes my much time and effort on it, This is not what I hope. So annoyed it!

So far I’m happy

In the short time I’ve used Star I’m quite pleased.


Does what it needs to. I’m only using the free version.

Good, Bare-Bones VPN

There’s nothing Fancy about this app, but it just works, and remains stable every time I need it. It only offers one other IP location for me (without an “in-app purchase", but when I'm downloading material, that’s really all I need. Controls are easy to use, and the “RATE ME” reminders are relatively unobtrusive. All in all, it’s a decent app, made even better by the fact that it is free.

Worthless and did not work ,in the least bit.

I recently was hacked.Everything was a mess. Part of my plan to bring order to my iMac was to install this program on to my computer .Additionally,I added a layer of security to my wi-fi section of my computer. Everything went swimmingly until 5 hours after the install,when I discovered,this program had been disabled and was actually doing nothing to prevent the entry of any program one wished to install in my computer. Within another 30 minutes,I was back into the quagmire I had been in before installing this program. Using this VPN program is too expensive,even if it is given to you!

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