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Doesn’t work, just keeps showing “Start free 7 day trial now"

I’m not sure why this VPN has so many good reviews. It doesn’t work. It just keeps showing the “Start free 7 day trail now” button only. When you click on it, it just tells you that you’ve already subscribed. I better not get charged for this app not working.

Most reliable in CHINA

As the title suggest!


nice app. it's pretty work with me




Anyone looking for a great VPN should use this app. Works everywhere (including China) and allows you access when others don’t.

Slow speeds, rarely works

This will slow your computer to a crawl. I have fiber internet and a 2017 Macbook pro and can barely load anything if this is switched on. Further, it no longer works with Amazon, which was the sole reason I put up with its sluggishness.

Best VPN in the APP Store

This VPN is recommended! Pity is that this app is not available for windows 7 or windows 10!

Great app and very stability

using this app almost 3 years, still the best vpn app so far.


Simply works. Better than my paid VPN at the moment.

Great VPN

I’ve only been using it for a few days, but compared to many of the VPNs I’ve used before, this is one of the best. This app is definitely recommended if you need quick connection. Although I do not know for how long it can work so well.

best mac vpn i’ve used

protip: click the x when it says “start your 7 day trial” this is a 7 day trial for the premium version, but this vpn does have a free version, even if it may not seem like it sure, you’ll have slower speeds, but who cares lol

Great App

very reliable

Most of the time, only American spots can work...

I passively choose to only select three American spots available on this app, cuz' other places can't be accessed after counteless attempts...

It is almost a perfect and necessary tool for Chinese people to surf the Internet. Thanks.

It is almost a perfect and necessary tool for Chinese people to surf the Internet. Thanks.

Great app.

This app has saved me many headaches. Thanks for creating such a helpful tool.

Great app

I am in China and have to work on a Google sheet. This app saves my life.

Great VPN

Thank you. it’s a nice and useful application.

Works for me

Ive been using it while stationed overseas and had no issues at all

It is great!

I’ve been using the free version for a year now and it’s been great. Hope you guys keep it up this way. Thank you

Renewal through App Store, downgrade in service.

After an anual renewal through the app store, it has downgraded my service… after taking my money… again. I have a few email exchanges with them but no effort was made to resolve the situation. Additionally, the TOS state the company is not responsible for third party use of data - read that as you will. Nonsenseical profanity.

Using in China

I am in Shanghai, China. I have been using it the past 2 days, and the fact is it just isn’t fast enough. I don’t know if they throttle your bandwidth while you are in trial mode or what, but i’m most certainly going to cancel before the subscription starts because this is much too slow to pay for. I got nothing over 250kb/s, whereas other paid VPNs (Express, Astrill) easily get 5,000~10,000kb/s. So, its not even comparable.

Been there when others have failed

This VPN has worked pretty much non-stop for me. I had another purchased VPN that I gave up on since this one worked consistently and the other one failed miserably. I used the free version for a long time with no problems - figured I’d give the paid version a go and have been pretty well-pleased. There are ocassionaly glitches, but generally speaking they have delivered quality service. Will continue with them and recommend them to others.

Great VPN

This app is the best. Love it

Best free VPN out there, don’t listen to the negativity

Use this on my macbook and no issues ever, been using it a long time now but every year i search for better. Can’t beat this!

Free account

I’m using a free account for some time now and I’m pretty satisfied. Would recommend.

very good

very good app

Best free VPN ever!

Just great and reliable! It works flawlessly, fast and without cuts-off.

very good

your app is the best vpn for mac. thank you so mush

good app

I’m living overseas at the moment and this app works great for me. I’m able to use sites that I wouldn’t be able to use without it.

google scholar

when i try to use google scholar with this vpn, it says We're sorry... ... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

Best vpn used so far

Stable, quick, care-free



Good VPN

It’s a nice 👍 VPN easy to download and easy to use try it and you won’t regret it

best vpn

star vpn is the best vpn app

Great App

This VPN is so extraordinary. It's working well for almost 1yr. Thanks!


AWASOME VPN, has worked great since day one… thank’s to the developers!!!!!

Helps A lot!

Really helps keeping connected to the rest of the world.

LOVE/HATE relationship

This app was fantastic for months. I did not care about the slower downloads, that’s to be expected. Also no problem downloading torrents. Lately, I have been finding sites apparently from France and you do not realize it until after the conversion. I may just need to use another torrent converter. Suggestions?

Very Good

really good so far, super fast connection and works fine


This app has been biling me a monthly subscription charge, me unknowing, for over a year now. The charge claimed to just be from itunes so I assumed it was the charge of my apple music renewal. This subscription is automatically connected when you download the app. DO NOT RECCOMEND!



Business Traveler

Works well in general, there are some apps it does not play nice with - Delta is one. As I have not used multiple VPN applications I believe this one is servicable.


Good very good

Seems to do exactly what it promises

I’m not a ‘techie’ so I do not understand the function this performs. I am more interested in privacy and security. Yes, it does interfere with some specific connections – which tells me the app is working. It installed easily and it operates in the background without effort or any required knowledge on my part. As far as I can tell, it’s doing what the promoters say it will do. Since this app keeps pestering me for another review, here goes (you should not ask if you don’t expect good results!!!) 1. This is a minimally functional app. Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it does not, which forces a search in my Apps to locate it and activate it. 2. Then every time it boots up it asks for another recommendation. You know the rule: “Once a King, always a King. Once a night is enough!” 3. This app blocks some of my important links and contacts, so I have to disable it to do my work. Then try to find it again… to enable it… 4. The app seems somewhat volatile and unreliable. Hard to know if it is really doing anything. It does not seem to provide a way to check… 5. After the first year, the app auto-renewed. It took about six weeks for the app to ‘refresh’ and recognize that it had receive a paid renewal. Tip: Turn off auto-renewal to avoid being charged! Keep the option in your own hands! In summary, if the app were totally free all the time, it would almost be worth it.

so helpful

it’s perfect for watching videos on youtube

What a great app!

What a great app!

Best and Fastest Free VPN

I’ve been using this alot in my work, it has been helping me out a tone. I don’t understand how people can hate on this VPN. I don’t know if it sometimes doesn’t work on other devices but im using my MacBook Pro (With Touch Bar) and it has yet to fail me. I’ve been getting alot of productivity with this VPN and I recommend it. It is one of the fastest VPN’s there are.



Star VPN

This is a great app it works amazing and it is very easy to use i highly recommend it. I think one of the best parts is is that it’s free.

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